Small Business Loan

Would an SBA Loan Help Your Business To Thrive?

The Small Business Administration was created to help people create and grow businesses. Understanding that it can be difficult for small businesses to get funding, the agency works with lenders like Champagne Global Capital Lending to offer special loans. These can help you to get financing with great rates and competitive terms.

Up to $5 Million in Financing

With a small business loan from Champagne Global Capital Lending, you could receive up to $5 million under the 504 and 7a programs. These loans are partially backed by the government, so you can typically qualify for more money and better terms than would otherwise be possible. They have financing up to 90% with full amortization. The interest rates are low and either fixed or variable, depending on the program you choose. The terms are up to 25 years.

Purchase Real Estate

Many people use SBA loans to help buy, renovate or refinance property. These are some examples of the types of real estate that can qualify:

      Automotive service properties

      Childcare facilities


      Veterinary practices

      Medical facilities

      Single-purpose buildings

      Nonconforming properties



Acquire Equipment

Alternatively, you may use a small business loan to buy equipment for your business. These are some examples of the types of equipment that can qualify:


      Trucking equipment

      Production machinery

      Heavy equipment

      Laundry machines

      Diagnostic tools

      Machine tools

      Printing equipment

Business Acquisition Loans

Many people get loans through the Small Business Administration’s programs to help with business acquisitions. In these circumstances, the loans can typically cover up to 80% of the cost. They carry 15-year terms and have no ballooning or pre-payment penalties. We strive to make the decision-making process easy, so we offer pre-qualification within 48 hours. The decision will be made primarily based on the business’s cash flow and management.

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